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Dry Mouth and Saliva

  • A dry mouth can describe both the feeling of a dry mouth and the physical reduction in the flow of saliva. A dry mouth can be caused by many things, including: medications, disease, radiation therapy, aging or even stress. The signs of a dry mouth not only impacts your quality of life by making it difficult to speak, but it also can impact your Oral Health. In fact a dry mouth can result in an increase in dental decay and plaque.

  • Signs of a dry mouth include:

    • A sticky, dry feeling in the mouth 
    • Problems chewing, tasting and speaking
    • Bad breath
    • Dry irritated tongue
    • Dry throat
  • There are a number of factors which could cause a dry mouth. A few of the most common are:

    • Side effect of medication – Medications can cause the salivary gland to produce less saliva and therefore lead to a dry mouth.
    • Multiple Medications – The more medications taken, the more likely you are to have a dry mouth.
    • Disease – Some diseases affect the salivary glands. i.e. Sjögren’s Syndrome, Diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease.
    • Radiation therapy – The salivary glands can be damaged if exposed to radiation during cancer treatment.
    • Chemotherapy – Drugs used to treat cancer can make the saliva thicker, causing the mouth to feel dry.
    • Nerve damage – Injury to the head or neck can damage the nerves that tell the salivary glands to make saliva.
  • Saliva provides a ‘first defense’ against chemical, mechanical and infectious attacks. It also:

    • Protects your teeth from decay
    • Helps fight against infections by controlling bacteria in the mouth

About Biotène Products

  • The primary mode of action is physical (not pharmacological). The biotène Mouthwash, Gel and Spray contain a unique blend of moisturisers. The moisturising ingredients act by forming chemical bonds with water molecules to moisturise underlying tissues by retaining water in the mouth. They also act by creating a physical coating to help reduce friction and any discomfort associated with a dry mouth. Biotène toothpaste as part of your daily oral care routine helps protect your teeth and is formulated to minimise irritation.

  • Biotène Mouthwash, Gel and Spray have an immediate effect.


  • The biotène range provides a line of products that are specially designed for consumers with a dry mouth. The range allows consumers to choose the right product or group of products to fit their lifestyle preferences and dry mouth. As the severity of dry mouth signs can vary widely among individuals, a single recommended regimen does not suit everybody. Always read the product labels, visit the biotène website or speak to a Healthcare professional to assist you to make your choice about which products in the range to use.

  • Yes. All biotène products are SLS free.