Don’t let a dry mouth disrupt
your rest

In most cases, a dry mouth at night can be caused by medications, various diseases, and/or infections. Also, people who smoke or chew tobacco during the day may also have dryness in their mouth because tobacco products can affect the salivary glands.

Repeatedly waking up to drink water can disrupt your sleep.

A doctor or a dentist can help determine whether or not you have a dry mouth.



Use biotène products before bedtime and keep a tube
of biotène Oralbalance Moisturising Gel at your bedside. 

You can also try these recommendations to help relieve a dry mouth before bedtime:

Use a humidifier  to improve room
air moisture levels

Try nasal strips to make it easier to
breathe through your nose

Limit caffeine and alcohol, especially
in the evening as both can dry out the

Quit smoking, or cut back on
tobacco use

By trying a few of these helpful recommendations and using biotène products, you could start to feel relief
from your dry mouth at bedtime.